More than 2000 guests celebrate the New Year with E.Q.T. – one of the highlights in the booking calendar. It is also the longest set of the year for the two DJs, because from 9 p.m. the guests flock into the location and together with E.Q.T. give full throttle immediately. Because at 0 o’clock the whole hall will scream after the countdown has faded and the crowd has already celebrated for three hours. A short break can only be taken at the big fireworks, which are fired directly from the roof of the location. Some people get new drinks, because at the festival ground everything is included this night: cocktails, longrinks and the E.Q.T. sound until well after 6 o’clock anyway.

With its 1800 square metres, the Festplatz Nord is not only the largest club in Hamburg, it also has a very special architecture. The central alignment of the tables and sofas creates the feeling of an arena. Even if you take a break while sitting down, you stay right in the middle of the action and don’t sink behind a crowd of people. This concept brings the DJs into the middle of the celebrators. And so E.Q.T. always DJs WITH at Festplatz Nord and not just FOR the party crowd.

The New Year begins with Beatz, sweat and excesses. Tickets for this special New Year’s Eve party are available here:

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