das basst. dein zuHouse am Donnerstag.

Deep under the houses of the Hamburg district, a driving and warm bass drum knocks continuously. Wafting wafts of mist can be seen in the sparse rays of light. At some point the HiHat started and hisses between the bass strokes. Rhythmically a bright light flashes through the fog and lets the colorful rays of color that wipe through the room pale for fractions of seconds. Suddenly the hammering bass drum falls silent and is replaced by human, extatic screeching somewhere out of the fog.

At the event „das basst“ E.Q.T. and the two DJs Gordon Hollenga (Disco Boys) and Jay Frog (Kontor Records), who together play Master&Servant, mix up the dance floor in the DREIIIZEHN. If you don’t know exactly where that is, lift your finger. Because in fact it is one of the most secret locations in Hamburg. Hardly any reference can be found in the usual magazines and websites. But you can also hear us from the street. So come into the Jewelry Street and let your ears guide you until they confirm: this DAS BASST.


At the moment the four have taken a break because of lack of time: but the spook comes back.

To the small anticipation there is here still our original announcement from 2013:



Das basst – or: probably the loudest flat-sharing community in Hamburg. Together with Master&Servant (Gordon Hollenga of the Disco Boys and Jay Frog) E.Q.T. started a new electro party series in the location „DREIIIZEHN“ in Schmuckstraße 13, Hamburg St. Pauli.

With Deep House & Electronic Sounds the weekend already starts on Thursday.

„The nights in the „DREIIIZEHN“ are called „Das basst“ and here the four share everything as in every good flat:

the mixer, the love of electronic music, the drinks and also the guests on the dance floor.“

„The sessions are supposed to be fun and a kind of new playground,“ says Gordon Hollenga. Because the musical WG will be regularly mixed up by guest performances of DJ friends from all over Germany. Who exactly? Check it up on facebook.

But on thing is clear: das basst.


– momentarily summer break –

DREIIIZEHN – 23 Uhr – Schmuckstraße 13 – Deep House & Electronic Music – Gordon Hollenga (The Disco Boys), Jay Frog (Kontor Records), CYC!U5 (E.Q.T.), MattNautique (E.Q.T.);

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